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fevildevil asked:

Hey did you make those movie posters yourself? They're kind of awesome. To the point where I kind want to know if I could get prints? >.>

I did make them, yeah. But the thing is I don’t know if I could like. Sell them or anything. (Also I don’t know where you can get prints. If only WP would ask for them.)


A lot of people ask me stuff like “Hey when’s the next Lemon Demon album?” or

"Will there be a next Lemon Demon album?" or

"Is Lemon Demon still a band?" or

"Are you dead?"

Well woah now partner, here’s proof that I’m still making music and stuff, ok! It’s over 5 minutes of cool excerpts from 11 various songs I have been working on.

Most don’t have vocals, are unfinished and unmixed, and are liable to be changed completely, if they even make it to the final album at all. That said, I hope you get a good idea of the brand new strides I am taking in the field of abrasive internet dork music.

Ancient Aliens / Everybody Loves Raymond / Cabinet Man / ??? / As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It / Angry People / ??? / ??? / ??? / ??? / Reaganomics

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